Enjoy at bus station of Santa Pola!

New bus station of Santa Pola is open yet. A comfortable and practice facilities for best transport service by bus for citizens.

Services at new bus station of Santa Pola

At this new bus station you have several services, including a waiting room that you can use while bus comes or someone picks you. Besides, you can use the locks, where you have to leave your things. Very practice when you move by bus. At the room you have also information screen where you can see arrives and departures. In any case, you can always ask to information point staff (at the same place), that will answer all your doubts.

In the other hand, you can also enjoy the coffee machine and all the products of Carrefour Market, in the case that you need to do shopping or have a snack. Besides, here you find a terminal where you can buy some bus tickets in advance.

At the platforms you have also screens which shows information about arrives and departures. A very practice information for have all data that you need for your trip.

A green environment to relax

At the execution of new bus station of Santa Pola one of the most important things has been to have a beautiful place. A modern architecture with avant-garde materials is first impression when you looks to these facilities. Although that, you can see also so much green at the scene thanks to the garden areas. That point is important because people pass time waiting the bus here, and this will relax them.

A commercial area to shopping

Soon commercial area will be available also. In this place you will find restaurants and big brands shops for enjoying and shopping. That stores will be integrated in the environment.

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