The city

Santa Pola is a charming place because of her sea, people, kitchen and wonderful weather. Charming that has attract a lot of people from different countries to visit the town or to came here to live. A media annual temperature of 18ºC is a good reason and also the most of 300 days per year of sun. That fishing town, that keeps all his idiosyncrasy, is very famous also because of his coast: 11 km of beaches and coves of fine sand that visitants and residents loves. But his amazing nature aren´t only at the line between sea and land, also is at the “Sierra” and Natural Park “Las Salinas”. This one covers 2.470 hectares at the litoral area of Santa Pola Bay, where more of 150 kinds of birds live, included pink flamingo. In total, more than 70% of territory is protected, which gives an idea of his high natural value.

Santa Pola

Mediterranean kitchen is other of the more relevants things of Santa Pola and have his basis at “Peix de Santa Pola”, a certificate origin fish. The fishing port activity, that becames from older “Portus Illicitanus”, is reflected at kitchens, that have fresh fish every day. On the other hand, Santa Pola´s stews stand out for their colours and their main ingredients are rice and fish. Red prawn, shrimp, the “salazones” typical of this area and “cigalas” are others of the stars at the more authentic recipes of this town.