How to calculate your routes in bus with Google Maps

Calcular tus rutas en bus con Google Maps

New technologies bring us easier ways to do things in our day to day. That´s the case of Google Maps, that allow us planning our routes in public transport between Santa Pola and other towns and cities. A very useful way to organize our trips.

Thanks to that application we can know what coach we have to choose to go to a certain place, know how much time we will spend at the trip and, also, if we want to, specify a particular hour of arrive.

Calcula tus rutas en bus con Google Maps


To do this operation is very easy and we can do it at our laptop or at the app for smartphones. We choose our destination and our origin. In that moment we have to choose between different transport options that Google offers us at the map: private car, public transport, walking or on bike. We choose the option public transport that you can find represented with the icon of a coach.  Now the search engine offers us the options that we have, time of the trips and schedules of the services.

Besides, we can select the option of explorer of schedules and thanks to that we can see the possibilities that different operators offer to us.

Calcula tus rutas en bus con Google Maps

If we want to know how to arrive to a specify street also we can pick that at the map and Google Maps will show all the itineraries, including walking or urban bus.

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